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    Need new pc


      My pc has gone caput and i need a new one, unfortunatly i would get a new one but i dont have the financial means to do so (damn you ressesion) so im asking please, does anyone have a spare processor i can have, i will pay for shipping, i would prefer it was some with 2 cores or more. I also need a motherboard aswell and again ill pay for shiping since i cant afford anything really, basicaly i need a new PC, i have RAM and a DVD drive no HDD, no Windows, i have a case all i need is CPU, motherboard and fans ill pay for shipping, please.

      If this kind of thing is not allowed here i apologize, im kinda desperite and it would take me years to save up enough money to buy a brand new PC

      I also need a graphics card, something like a Nvidia GTX 260 would be perfect, again i will pay for shipping.

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          i have a 3dfx vodoo II if you want?


          seriously though, ask for components coz you have no cash fine, maybe it will work, but then ask for components and want them to be dual core and that you NEED a graphics card??? SOMETHING LIKE A GTX260 REALLY??????????????????? they are not exactly cheap...and the rest of us have been hit by the recession as well! and if you were THAT desperate you take anything someone gave, even a pentium 3 system with onboard graphics.... Maybe you need a new iphone 4.0 as well?

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            Good point, i guess what im asking is a little too much, but im going to do it the old fashion way, im gonna save up the money to buy a new one