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    Driver download question


      I'm having a problem locating the proper driver downloads for my comptuer.  I have a Dell sudio 540 running Windows Vista Home Premium.  The systme tyoe is a 64 bit operting systme with 8 GB of Ram and an Intel Core (tm)2 Quad CPU, Q8200 2.33Ghz, 2.34 Ghz.


      I have tried several various downloads but each one I have tried tells me I don't have the system to run the download.


      I need to reinstall the G45/G43 chipsets, I'm having trouble with my integrated monitor.  Dell is useless since my machine is out of warranty.  Can someone recommend which drivers I need to download?  Thank you.

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          Here is the deal, some system manufacturers like DELL* will customize the chipset's making our drivers not to work properly.


          first try this utility:




          It will give you your chipset and available downloads.

          If you receive an error to contact the system manufacturer or that your computer does not meet the minimal requirements you will need to contact your system manufacturer ( usually you can download the latest drivers from their web site with the computer model number)