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    Hyper-V makes slow the host server


      hi there,


      this is munna. i have a problem and wanna share if any kind of help i will get for Hyper-V. my system is;


      intel core2quad Q9400 2.66GHz 6MB L2 cache

      intel DG33FB motherboard with build in 2GB LAN card

      additional  a Realtek fast Ethernet NIC

      4 GB RAM

      X-Fi Platinum sound card

      OS installed Windows Server 2008 R2


      lets jump on the problems. until i installed the hyper-v it's super  fast server for my experiment and learning. but when i installed the  hyper-v after then it comes so slow and nothing run smooth, even can't  play a song smoothly so video is so far!! if uninstalled  it then it come fast again. i tried 2 more times to installed the  hyper-v on 2 different NIC(build in Intel 2GB NIC and the Realtek NIC)  but the result is same.


      if i install another virtual server like vmware  or virtual server 2005 r2 or virtual iron or even  install the Microsoft virtual machine manager 2008 r2 without hyper-v  although my system never comes slow.


      where comes the problem and how to fix? any help please ...


      note: i did the same thing on my office PC which is build in with  Intel Duel core E5300 with V enable and 2GB RAM and a single build NIC with all  drivers are installed included VGA but i didn't face the trouble on  there!!!