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    HD Graphics Driver crashing

      Running Win 7 Pro 32 bit, 2 GB of DDR3-1333, i3-530, and two different motherboards (Intel DH55HC, and MSI H55-DG65). I also use a video capture card, when this capture card is plugged into the PCI-Slot, or a different model into the PCI-E slot, and video is fed to the card (without drivers or any other software installed), the system on booting seems slow to respond to clicking (clicking on start is a 5 second delay). After right clicking on the desktop, then clicking on Graphics Properties, the Windows popup appears that GFXUI has stopped working offering to look for a solution, then the popup from the system tray stating the Video Driver stopped working and has recovered. After this point, the system is snappy and stable until I reboot the machine. Also, when running the machine without any Video Drivers loaded at all, the system stays snappy and stable the entire time. I have tested this both with and without the Windows Patches, this is with, and the drivers. Looking online, some people report this is an issue with .NET Framework, but they dont mention what the solution was, and the only framework is installed with Windows (3.5). There are no memory, or IRQ conflicts according to msinfo32. This is with a clean install of 7, the system returns to stability with the addition of an external video card. I am a system builder, I have resources to dispense to try any fixes proposed. Any help would be beneficial.

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          If I understand correctly the problem only occurs when you have the PCI capture card installed?


          If this is the case, the card may not be compatible with these GPUs that are embedded in to the processor. Fist this will be to contact the card manufacturer and see if they have any issues with this, check if they have a firmware update available for your card.



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            same error message, different configuration. here is my solution:

            for me, the problem was .net framework

            here's how i fixed it:

            in control panel "programs and features"

            select "turn windows features on or off"

            then scroll and find ".net framwork 3.5.1."

            first i unchecked and uninstalled it. then restarted. then, i came back, clicked the checkbox to re-install .net framwork 3.5.1. (i didn't install any of the sub-items)

            restarded again, and i don't get the the gfxui error anymore.


            i was never able to access or modify the intel graphics settings when the gfxui crashed at startup. that was the only notable symptom of not having the graphics driver.

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              Actually, i encountered the same situation:


              1. i have a video capture card installed (ASUSTek Tiger)

              2. Intel G41 chipset


              everytime when i open the graphic feature tab in Intel control pannel, i was given an error " GfxUi stop working", and when i view an picture in windows picture viewer, i'm also get the error message and a crash of windows. anybody can help?

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                yes this is the answer.win7 HP SP1 32bit.I removed GfxUI from startup,and graphics properties crashed...of course,and NET Framework was un checked.checked it,>becomes shaded & not the choices below it,and it came back w/out cycling through additional instructions.had a hard time finding this thread too.DONT ever delete startup items,disable only.