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    windows 7 not recognize dual xeon (4 + 4 cores) E5462@2,8 ghz, only work 1 processor (4 cores)


      Hello, I've a mac pro dual xeon with windows 7 home premium 64 bits installed througth bootcamp 3.1. It's everything all rigth unless that the system does not recognize the 8 cores, in the task manager at the tab "performance" only shows 4 cores but in the device manager at porcessors section appeared the 8 cores. it entails to a  lower  performance in rendering with 3dmax2009 64 bits arround 30% less that the same rendering in my windows xp 32 bits partition it does recognice 8 cores in the same machine....REALLY AMAZING ¿not? Someone may throw light on an issue?

      To throw light on an issue