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    Intel WiFi Link 5300 - Can't Enable WiFi While Connected On Wireless N?


      Hey there,


      I've had my Dell Studio 1555 for a while now with it's Intel WiFi Link 5300 card all with no problems. Tonight I wanted to try out it's router esque feature where you can connect devices to the computer which acts as an access point. For awhile I could not for the life of me get it to work (everytime I clicked "Enable" in the Intel WiFi Link Utility it wouldn't do anything). By accident, I connected to my Wireless A/B/G network (I have a dual band router) and all of a sudden I could enable everything in the utility. As soon as I connect to my Wireless N network on the SAME router, it instantly disables and does not allow me to re-enable it. As soon as I switch to my other network, it works perfectly.


      Is this a known issue, or an issue at all? I can't logically think of a reason as to why it's happening, so I assume it's an error. I have the latest utility & drivers installed. I'm running Windows 7 Professional with all of the latest updates.

      Any help is always very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!