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    DX58SO and Apple Aluminum Keyboard


      The Apple Aluminum Keyboard works great in Windows 7, but doesn't work in the bootloader or in the BIOS.


      Everything is configured as recommended: legacy usb on and UEFI boot is disabled.


      All other USB keyboards function properly.


      When is this going to be fixed? Is there a known fix?

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          First, your Apple Aluminum Keyboard contains firmware for it's USB hub (HUB) and keyboard (HID) device.


          Second, since we now know you are running Mac OS X on the machine (which is not a supported OS) why would you think that the BIOS contains HID driver code to enable this device since it is for a non-supported OS?


          You certainly can't expect Intel to fix your problem with this HID device since the solution would be to use a HID device that is RFC compliant which your Apple Aluminum Keyboard is not.


          One solution is to reprogram the keyboard with older firmware however, your issue will be in finding the older firmware and performing the flash since the Apple keyboard firmware update tool does not allow you to downgrade the firmware in the device because it checks if newer firmware exists and exits if it does.


          Another option is to modify the defaults of the current firmware however you will need to write the tool to modify the firmware and correct the checksums (there are 3 checksums in the firmware) along with adding the code that Apple removed from the firmware since this code was only needed on non-EFI based machines so that open firmware could be accessed.


          I think you might want to find someone who can decompile the Keyboard.efi modules since the code to enable the keyboard is in it.


          Final thoughts, you should really be talking to the authors of the boot loader you are using (probably Chameleon, DFE, PCEFI-V10 or Ultimate) and see if they can implement a HID driver in their code to enable the device.

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            Briefly, those of use who provide Mac OS X support for DX58SO (and other select Intel boards) via development of the Ultimate Snow Leopard (USL) bootloader system have a thread on this topic at ConvertIt2Mac.com:

            Problems with new aluminum Apple keyboards.


            I suspect that we will... umm... ultimately solve this issue for DX58SO and other Intel boards with a BIOS solution customized for OS X (that natively work with Windows and Linux as well).


            However, I also want to note that the original firmware on these aluminum Apple keyboards did not suffer from this problem.  We have some of these original aluminum Apple keyboards that work and have spent a far bit of time trying to figure out a way to flash newer aluminum Apple keyboards with original firmware, but without success.