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    Intel D945GPB core 2 duo???

           Hello guys, i have a Gateway e-4500Dcomputer which has a OEM D945GPB board. I cannot find any solutions regarding this anywhere but can anybody confirm that the board will support core 2 duo? I have updated my Bios to the latest using the intel tool. The motherboard for sure has 1066Mhz supported bus and has LGA 775 socket but can anybody tell for sure that will this support core 2 duo? i searched for upgrading options on Gateway site but was only able to find a Dual core for this computer.

      Please help.

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          Unfortunately OEM motherboards don't have the same BIOS as the retail ones. The problem is that the BIOS has to have the correct set of instructions in order to use the processor and if your processor is not supported on that OEM BIOS then the new processor will not work.


          My best advise is to contact your system manufacturer and request list of supported processors and stick with them.