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    SR2625URLX, ESXi 4 and Raid Web Console 2




      we have this scenario:

      -server1 SR2625URLX with vmware ESXi4


      -server2 SC5600BRP+S5520HC+AXXROMBSASMR+battery with Windows 2008 and Intel RAID Web Console 2 (6.90.0400)


      -pc1 Windows XP and Intel RAID Web Console 2 (6.90.0400)


      If we have server1 and server2 powered, we can administer both servers from pc1 without any problem. But, if we shutdown server2, then pc1 is unable to discover server2 and thus we can't administer the RAID controller.

      Why the RAID console needs server2 to discover server1 ?


      What must we change to make it to work without server2 ?