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    Support Terminated.  Consumer wonders about the wisdom of using Intel products


      Hello.  I'm having a problem with my Intel 975XBX2 mainboard.  After extensive searching of the web-site, I tried the on-line chat support.  And was shortly connected to s support person.  Kudos to Intel for having working on-line chat support.  However, the support person was only able to tell me that Intel no longer supports this product, that I can search their web-site (already done by me), and quickly logged off.


      Silly me.  I thought Intel valued their customers and supported the products they made.


      I will be building a new computer soon (the 975XBX2 mainboard isn't supporting IDE and SATA drives simultaneously), and my respect for Intel products has taken a nose-dive.  ABIT or ASUS are looking better these days