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    Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Upgrade to 802.11n in XP?

      I've tried downloading the recommended upgrade via this site, but all it's installing is the network software.  The driver version included in the download won't install.  Is there any way for me to upgrade my network driver?  I went to Sony (I have a VAIO) and they sent me to Intel stating they have nothing to do with upgrading the internal hardware of their laptops?  That really confused me.  What are they talking about?  All I'm looking for is an upgrade from 802.11g to 802.11n.  I have a great wireless router and a Vista machine.  I'd like my XP SP2 MCE machine to at least meet what the Vista machine can do.


      I'm so frustrated about this having explored the issue for the last 3 days, to no avail.  People tell me I can install the network driver for 802.11n, but no one can tell me where to find it.


      Sorry for the lengthy post....I'd appreciate any help.