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    DX58SO & BIOS Update [SOX5810J.86A]


      DX58SO BIOS Update [SOX5810J.86A]


      Windows does not restart. When attempting to restart, Windows shuts down for the process of restart but no screen display comes on. The systems sounds like it runs (fans, hard drives).


      Thermaltake Advance Speedo case.
      Corsair hx1000w
      6 GB Corsair Dominator RAM
      Thermaltake Big Water 735 Liquid Cooling System
      Intel DX58SO
      Intel i7 20 2.66Ghz
      3 internal HD's attached directly to the motherboard
      1 blu-ray drive
      1 Radeon 4870 2GB graphics card
      Windows 7 64x Ultimate
      2 monitors


      My system began to act weird so I thought it might need a bios update. I did not make note of the previous/original bios.


      I applied the BIOS Update [SOX5810J.86A] SOX5810J.86A.5314.EB.EXE.


      The system seemed to install the update properly, but since the complete reboot the system now locks-up during restart. During the restart it will turn off and then begin to turn on (I can see the liquid cooling system run, and hear both the fans and hard drives turn on) but I get no display.