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    I dont know where to put this as I am new so sorry guys


      My name is Matt I'm currently running an intel dp55kg extreme board and an i5 processor for some reason the computer reboots in normal mode only I am running an external vid card as well it's a nvidia gforce220 with xp home and sp3 with all the updates. I cant figure out why the thing keeps rebooting in normal mode only when it safe mode the computers ok it only seems to happen when I'm watching video's or something,  I know it's not an overheating problem because it if was it wouldnt let you reboot untill it's cooled down right?  It's a custom built system built by my finacee,  Are there any known issues with this mother board and xp home or this motherboard and my vid card?  I dont know how to track the bad driver down to stop it from doing this.

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