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    Win XP Won't Boot After Installing Secondary Drive


      Hello.  My computer is an Intel D-940 dual-core processor, an Intel 975XBX2 mainboard and two Maxtor 80 IDE HDs, with boot partition on master drive and slave drive all on one IDE channel.  This configuration works fine.


      I recently added a secondary SATA HD on the SATA channel.  the SATA HD and the IDE drives are all recognized in the BIOS. But Win XP won't boot.  If I disconnect the new SATA drive, WIN XP boots fine.


      Any ideas what I need to do to get the computer to work with the SATA drive?

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          The reason why the system does not boot with the secondary SATA hard drive connected is because is trying to boot from it. I recommend to check on under the boot options and set the IDE hard drive as the primary drive, make sure to save the settings by pressing the F10.


          Also you can enter the on time boot menu by repeatedly pressing the <F10> key during the boot process and the select the IDE hard drive.

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            Hello.  thanks for your post.  Your idea is a good one, but I already checked the BIOS for boot order.  The boot order is "CD drive, hard drives, Ethernet, floppy drive", and the boot order of the hard drives is IDE master, IDE slave, SATA drive.


            So the drive order is NOT preventing the computer from booting with the SATA drive connected.


            More curious, the computer won't even boot with the official Win XP Install CD in the CD drive, unless the SATA drive is not connected to the mother board.


            I have replicated these phenomenon multiple times.  No one here at Intel, at Tom's Hardware, or any of the other community forums I have consulted have been able to advise me.  I have since returned the difficult SATA drive to the store I got it from, and am now wondering if I want to bother trying with a different SATA drive.  I would prefer to use an internal drive because it is cheaper and has better perfornance than any external storage devices.  But of course, I have no way of knowing if the problem is limited to that specific drive, that manufacter, or will happen with any SATA drive I try.

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              did you try enable the advanced boot option in the bios ? this allows you to select the specific hard drive to boot from with brandname and model number.  If you want to save some time swapping from an old ide drive to a new sata drive like me (300 gig ide to 750 gig sata) , use a free program called xclone. It can clone the 320 gig drive to the 750 drive witht he push of a few buttons and very little technical know how and so you have a 100% copy from your old  drive with better speed and more room that can boot and has all your xp settings and programs