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    XP SATA, Vista SATA RAID 10?


      I have a DX38BT with ICHR9 I have XP 64 set up on (1) SATA drive on position 0. I have Vista 64 Set up on (4)  Raid 10 position 1,2,3,4. I can't seem to access each one without going through the bios setup and changing the Raid to IDE in order for me to access the other drive. Is there something in the bios that isn't letting me do this seamlessly? When in the boot up I see both of thet OS's but at that point if I want to load the other OS it is too late in the bios setup to get to the other OS. I can't determin if this is an Intel snag or a MS snag or it's me.

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          Hello Michael,


          You mentioned that you have two setup on this board:


          1. Non-raid with Windows XP 64 bit

          2. Raid 10 with Windows Vista 64 bit


          Note: This board has got only one onboard SATA raid controller. It is the Intel Matrix Controller. There is the Marvell controller which is for e-sata drives only.


          The onboard SATA controller can work only as either a RAID or IDE or AHCI setup. These are set in the bios. (to boot an OS)


          If you want to have a non-raid disk combined with some other raid disk configuration, altogether working and booting from the selection of OS installed, then you need to setup a RAID-READY system.


          The reason why you cannot boot from the Windows XP OS is because when you change the controller settings to raid, the OS does not know the raid controller since the driver has not been installed before installing the OS. (F6 driver method.)

          Quick Note: Windows XP/2003 does not have the raid driver in its kernel, Windows Vista/7/2008 have got the driver in its kernel.


          More information on Raid Ready:




          However, if you wanted to use the non-raid drive as backup data, this is possible of course. You have these options from the software Intel (R) Rapid Storage Tech.


          My guess would be: (amke sure that you have a complete separate and verified backup)

          - Follow the instructions how to set up a system in raid-ready mode.

          - Connect the one sata drive on which you want to install XP 64 bits. Disconnect all other sata drives. (make sure to note the drives connected to the respective port number)

          - Note: you dont need to create any raid on this drive (anyway you wont be able since Intel Matrix controller does not allow you to have a raid 0 on a single drive)

          - Create an Nlited XP OS with the F6 driver already integrated.


          - Driver


          - Burn new OS on to a CD

          - Boot from the CD and install the OS.


          Once the OS has been installed, install all the latest drivers from the website and the intel (r) rapid storage tech utility.


          - Connect the other four sata drives on which you had the RAID10 configuration.

          - Try to see if you get the OS menu selection.

          - If it does not find, try to download some other utility like BCDedit to see if you can get back the menu selection.

          - If not, the only option left would be to reinstall the vista on the raid configuration drive.


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,