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    DP55WG & Acronis



      I am having terrible problems restoring into a DP55WG with, I believe an ICH8R and the latest iaStore, and possibly even a D975xbx2 with what I know is a ICHR7R.  My question is a new, bare metal, install into a new, even with the latest bios, DP55WG is what type of RAID controller should I pick from the driver selected?  Thank you.

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          Use choose from the driver the "Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller"
          This is the F6 method when you hit it installing WINDOWS XP or WINDOWS SERVER 2003. You dont need it during installation of WINDOWS VISTA or WINDOWS 7 or WIN SERVER 2008.




          Notes: Intel motherboard has problem to cooperate with some graphics Cards when you make BIOS update to a newer version. So if after a BIOS update you hear 2 beeps 1 pause 2 beeps that means you have this problem. Solution : BIOS recover method with one older (or more older) BIOS version.