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    Server Board and Chassis connection help.


      I purchased Intel Server Board S3200SH and have a SuperMicro SC733T Chassis (


      ) server I'm trying to build. My issues are:

      • How to connect the front panel connector to the board - chassis does have a 16 pin ribbon cable and a pigtail that came along with it but the intel board has a 23 pin header??? Do I need to connect The HDD LED eventhough I plan to use the backplane?

      • I wish to use the SATA backplane that came with the chassis, but I dont know how to connect it to the board - of course I know to connect the SATA cables and the power to the backplane, however how do I get the HD LEDs connected? I plan to use the onboard RAID, by looking at the board and chassis, can this work? I don't see connection on the Intel board for me to do this. If you click on link and see page 54 (C-4), will give specs on the chassis backplane.


      Could someone please give me some insite, this is my first server build and would appreciate the assistance.


      Appreciate all,