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    How to update to BIOS 5531?


      Hi I have tried to update to BIOS 5531 on my DP55KG motherboard but I have not been able to do this successfully:


      1) BX10J.86A.5531.EB.EXE From Windows 7 64 Bit OS - reboots PC, normal boot sequence - no sign of BIOS flash - Logon Says BIOS update complete but checking BIOS it is still at old version 4905


      2) KG5531P.ISO Burn to CD, boot CD - BIOS fails to recognise CD - repeat download and burn to new CD - same issue


      3) KG5531P.BIO copy to flash drive, boot and use F7 - this simply causes PC to reboot - BIOS still at 4905


      I am not over clocking the Motherboard.


      Anybody any ideas? Maybe the first effort via the OS has somehow corrupted the BIOS so the F7 method fails?


      Many thanks

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          You should make a bootable flash drive. In the flash drive you should have the iflash.exe and the bio file copied aside from the boot system. When you have the prompt, type iflash/pf xxxx.bio then press the enter key. Follow the onscreen instruction.

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            I recently had the same problem. I used the opensource tool from "http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/" to made a bootable USB stick with a DOS in a single step.

            -You need a stick with FAT32

            -Get the unetbootin tool, choose "distribution" and "Freedos", then let it run.

            -Copy via Explorer the iflash2 files and the .bio file on the stick

            -Boot from the stick, choose "Boot with no himem. and emm386 or so - second option in the Freedos boot menu IIRR.

            -Type C:<space><return>, the space seems to be important. Now you should be in the sticks root directory. dir<return> shows the contents.

            -iflash2 /p file.bio for flashing.



            Maybe this helps,




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              That is what I have stated in general. To be specific, at the prompt, type: iflash2 /pf (space) filename.bio, then press enter. Follow the onscreen instruction.


              BTW: The original title of this thread is How to update to Bios 5531?. It is change to How to update to Bios 5531?Making bootable stick. The change starts with 4711/Skip's thread.

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                Thanks for the suggestions Boyet and 4711.


                I have tried the F7 method to install from the BIO on a USB stick, all that happens is the PC reboots and no BIOS flash happens. It seems quite involved to make a bootable USB stick, sorry if this sounds a silly question but do you think this will work better than the F7 method to use a BIO file? I am puzzled why the standard Intel methods are failing. What could be causing the issue e.g. is it a bad BIOS that I should not try to force on or is it just the installer is failing?

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                  For making the flash drive bootable you can use the diskpart utility of Vista or Windows 7. I prefer using the bio file and booting with the flash drive in updating my bios.

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                    sorry I cannot delete this posting.

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                      Saw the update that BIOS 5531 appears to have disappeared from the download list for DP55KG.


                      I did not attempt to update to 5531 after three different methods failed I decided the risk was too high to try and force an update. The release notes for the next release may give a clue if anything was wrong with 5531.