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    Help me PLEASE - ASAP

      Hello , a week ago I installed Intel driver on my computer , after it got installed ,

      I got a message saying I have to reboot my computer , I clicked OK , then , it recognized that i have a password on my windows 7 account ,

      and it asked me if I want the password to be inputed automatically after the reboot , i clicked OK then it asked me to input my password and i inputed nothing , left it blank and rebooted , now , everytime im starting my computer it does automatically : wrong password .

      then , i tried my password , and it said wrong password too !

      it changed my computer password and i have no way to recover it ! help me please !

      i want to reformat my computer now but im trying to do the best i can to recover my password before its too late (reformating) .


      Help me please !!