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    Really confusing DG41MJ behavior




      I have a new DG41MJ with new E3300 Celeron, 2x 1G Kingston DDR2-800. On start, I cannot get into the Bios, instead it shows just errorcode 51 - "allocating resources to PCI bus".

      There is and was never a PCI card installed.

      After a few seconds, the system goes on booting from the first available device or so

      So the system basically works. I can install a Linux with X to HDD, use network and access USB, SATA , and it seems to run stable. So I asume PSU, RAM and processor are not really bad.

      I cannot run through the Windows 7 install, I believe, that it gets confused with a bit of unconfigured hardware, as the Bios cannot finish completely. With virtualbox out of the Linux system the Windows 7 install starts.

      And: this is the second board, as I had the first one with the same symptoms immidiately replaced.


      I begin to believe in vodoo or so, has anyone any ideas which leads to another conclusion? If so, please, please help.....






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          OK, I solved the issue. It was the monitor, which I had connected via VGA. I never imagined that this could prevent the MB from booting, especially as the monitor showed the boot screen. Using the same monitor via DVI it seems to work totally normal. I can get into the bios and the system is installing Win 7 right now.


          Thanks for your time,