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    5100 AGN - Random connected.


      I have a Dell Lattitude Laptop with a 5100 AGN Wifi card installed. Since September I have had problems with this device. It randoms drops connections to the Wifi network.These options have been  testet with no positive result.
      Wifi card replaced

      Antennas replaced

      Windows XP pro reinstalled from scratch - Not from a image, and all drivers one by one.

      Drivers and bios updated on laptop.
      I have tried almost any setting in the drivers panel. (Romaing aggrssionness, B/G setting powersave, transmit power and so forth)
      I all this time I have *never* been connected to a Wifi network without problems.
      My router at home is a Sitecom, firmware upgraded. No change. At work, Cisco wifi with WLAN controller. Even that the AP was placed in the next office, it still randomly disconnects. I have been travelling, and been at many diffrent hotels, and it´s still the same issue.

      Some of my co-workers also have laptops with the 5100 AGN or the 5300 AGN wificard, they all have had these problems. Some worse, some better then me.


      At this point I am ready to transform my laptop to a frisbee and get a new one.


      Anyone with a helpfull tip ? - It feels like I have tried everything....