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    Intel x68 chipset release


      Does anyone know when Intel is going to release the X68 chipset?

      I want to compose a new workstation and I want to know if X68 is going to show up soon


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          I want to know as well~

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            Last reports I saw were mid/late April

            Although after the P67 Sandy Bridge issue I'd expect it to be later.

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              Hmmm....I wonder if I should wait for the X68 instead of buying a P67 board and 1155 i7-2600k???

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                I'm confused - isn't there also a Z68 chipset being released soon? any difference between the x and z?


                On a side note - I am STILL waiting for Intel to release the B3 revision DP67BG motherboard.  What is taking them so long?? Every other manufacturer, especially ASUS, have had the new revison boards available for a few weeks now.  Come on Intel hurry up!  It was your problem after all that caused this mess.  You think Intel would care more about the people that actually own Intel boards.  I should have bought an ASUS board instead!

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                  If you're interested in SSD Cache'n... Wait, wait for the Z68!  Also, ck Tom's hardware, apparently there's a third party involved and will allow the H67 (integrated graphics) sync with discreete graphic cards. It's also suggested that you will be able to OC the integrated graphics and the K series cpu.  The advantage with that is, the H67 boards have hdmi.  I'm hope'n that one will be able to path/sync the boards hdmi port with highend discrete graphic cards, since most high end cards use only DVI.  Anyone know?

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                    Mark, the Z68 motherboard will still use socket 1155. Although, you can hold off on getting a new motherboard, wait for the Z68, and well still get a 2600k, its still a good cpu.

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                      The Intel Z68 has been announced for the first half of May this year. MSI is showwing off some products, ASUS quiet so far although specs of upcoming boards are popping up. Intel will have some versions with Bluetooth and WIFI. You'd think these days WIFI would be essential on all but the cheapest boards..

                      Anyways, Z68 is just around a corner and it looks promissing.