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    Booting Problem


      I recently bought a DG43GT motherboard and a E8400 CPU with fan included. I assembled my computer using all new parts and every time I boot the computer it brings up two error messages that say "CPU fan error" and "Front fan error." I have three fans in my tower: both the front and rear are plugged directly into the power supply using adapters, and a top fan that is plugged into the mobo "front fan" slot. This message doesnt particularly bother me since all three run and work just fine. The problem is my computer boots, gives me these messages, and then reboots after 5 seconds. I dont have enough time to go to the BIOS settings to change and save them, so my computer is stuck in this perpetual cycle. The CPU fan runs and is properly hooked up, so I cant tell what the problem is. Can anyone help?