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    It question


      Hello everyone i'm new here to intel forum. I'm in a bit of a jam I need to fix a puter that has a "crashed bios" which is an Intel 845 chipset fam. i am having a hard time finding what intel board it rly is, Acer aspire (desktop) m1640-u1401a... how would i go abt finding which intel board that is? can't seem to locate any markings on the MB. as far as Acer support goes not much help and seems that this unit is not very popular either in google.. thanks for all your help.

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          Darn i was hopeing someone here might help me be able to identify an intel board. i cant boot to the computer to find out, there has got to be a way to do it via looking at the motherboard it's self i'm guessing. rust me Acer support is no help, the board it's self is a 'n1996' and all the spec's i find with google doesent tell me the intel #. i just need to find the right '*.bio' file so i can reload the bios to make the puter functional. again thanks for all your help.