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    Intel HD Graphics (i3 integrated) - maximum 3D resolution for OpenGL?




      I'm thinking about upgrade of my home linux box, and I seriously
      consider buying an Intel Core i3 and using its integrated graphics - I
      have very good experiences with i915 on my laptop and I'd like to stay
      with Intel.


      Hovewer, I have a very important question:


      What is the maximum supported 3D resolution for OpenGL? This
      doesn't mean a single texture, but the scene as a whole. I'm not an
      expert, but I think that this is how it is called...
      Currently I have a Radeon R300 and it has the limit of 2560x2560px
      with hardware acceleration, so using dualhead configuration with width
      about 3000px forces me to disable OpenGL effects for the desktop.


      I've tried to ask this question in various places, but no one seems to know what is the limit...


      I hope someone here will know