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    Intel Pentium P4 problems detecting speed


      Hello. I'm running a Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz processor, with a ASUS P4PE-X/TE motherboard. 


      I have some severe problems detecting proper processing speed of my processor, right now it's at 2030 (2.03GHz) MHz and forced to underclock. If I set the system bus preset in BIOS to reflect that of 2.8GHz, games crashes but my operating system remains stable. The temperature seems fine (60 degrees celsius at max.)


      I've tried upping the CAS latency to stabilize memory, as I thought the FSB speed might make the memory unstable, this was without success at all. So now I'm turning to you good folks, does anyone have any idea/solution/fix for this or am I forced to run a processor with reduced capability?


      Feel free to request further information if needed! Thank you so much in advance.