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    what is the problem with intel graphics?


      hi all, in this years i bought 2 laptops, one was an acer with intel 945 graphic, just hopeless and never ran as i though even updating drivers and tweaking... the other one was a macbook white, 2 years ago... i decided to give intel an another try because i considered this brand the best one... this macbook came with intel x3100 (965 chipset) and it was horrible like the previous... my question is: is there a way to do something with those chipsets? at the moment they are just rubbish, neither an old game like "C&C generals" runs smoothly on my macbook (a 2.4 penryn with 2gb ram and windows xp sp3 and windows 7 installed on).... what is the problem? developers with no time for customers? or something else? i use the latest drivers found on this site but nothing...... selling something that doesn't run is not a good thing, people doing something like it are called burglars........... just giving my 2 cents for telling people not to buy something with such disgusting video card as mine, apart from that card my macbook and my acer laptop were perfect...