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    X48, AHCI, ICH9R, SATA Hot Plug/Swap not working correctly.



      So I have a DFI X48-T2R motherboard running XP Pro SP3 + latest updates and all seems to be working just fine.

      The problem I have is with hot swapping SATA drives inasmuch as if I boot the system with a drive plugged
      into the SATA port. I can unplug the drive and it disappears from the XP explorer and if I plug it in again
      the it appears in the XP explorer windows and I can read and write to the drive.

      However if I boot the system without the drive plug into the port I am using to hot swap then it will NEVER work.
      Inasmuch as I can plug the drive in but it never appears in the explorer windows or in Disk Manager.

      I have turned  AHCI on in the bios (NONE RAID) and when installing XP I loaded the driver
      “ICHP SATA AHCI DeskTop ICH93” at F6 time. I have also loaded the latest iata96enu.exe drivers from
      the intel web site and have install them but the problem is the same.

      I have a Dfi NVidia based MB and hot swap works perfectly on it.
      It just does not seem to happen with intel ICH93

      Any ideas please why hot swap/plug does not work?