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    DQ57TM and HD audio over DisplayPort


      Would this board (DQ57TM) support 7.1 channel LPCM and Dolby True HD / DTS HD bitstreams over the DisplayPort connection? I would use a DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor to ultimately connect to a receiver.


      I was originally looking at a DH55TC, but I would prefer that the board supports VT-d if possible. Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Hi this is all it says regarding the audio in the TPS:

          1.11 Audio Subsystem
          The board supports Intel High Definition Audio through the Realtek ALC662-VC audio
          codec as well as the DisplayPort interface.
          The Realtek ALC662-VC-based audio subsystem supports the following features:
          • 6-channel audio with independent multi-streaming stereo.
          • Advanced jack sense for the back panel audio jacks that enables the audio codec to
          recognize the device that is connected to an audio port. The back panel audio
          jacks are capable of retasking according to the user’s definition, or can be
          automatically switched depending on the recognized device type.
          • Stereo input and output through back panel jacks
          • Headphone and Mic in functions for front panel audio jacks
          • S/PDIF audio header
          • A signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of 90 dB
          1.11.1 Audio Subsystem Software
          Audio software and drivers are available from Intel’s World Wide Web site.
          For information about Refer to
          Obtaining audio software and drivers Section 1.3, page 14
          Intel Desktop Board DQ57TM Technical Product Specification
          1.11.2 Audio Headers and Connectors
          The board contains audio connectors and headers on both the back panel and the
          component side of the board. The component-side audio headers include the
          • Front panel audio (a 2 x 5-pin header that provides headphone and mic in signals
          for front panel audio connectors) (yellow)
          • S/PDIF audio header (1 x 4-pin header) (yellow)
          • Internal mono speaker header (1 x 2-pin header) (yellow)
          For information about Refer to
          The locations of the front panel audio header, S/PDIF header, and
          internal mono speaker header
          Figure 11, page 47
          The signal names of the front panel audio header Table 14 and Table 15, page 49
          The signal names of the S/PDIF header Table 12, page 49
          The signal names of the internal mono speaker header Table 13, page 49
          The back panel audio connectors Section 2.2.1, page 46
 Analog Audio Connectors
          The available configurable back panel audio connectors are shown in Figure 4.
          Item Description
          A Audio line in
          B Audio line out
          C Mic in
          Figure 4. Back Panel Audio Connector Options
          The back panel audio connectors are configurable through the audio device drivers.
          For information about Refer to
          The back panel audio connectors Section 2.2.1, page 46
          The front panel headphone output is supported using a separate audio channel pair
          allowing multi-streaming audio configurations such as simultaneous 5.1 surround
          playback and stereo audio conferencing (through back panel speakers and a front
          panel headset, respectively).
          Product Description
 S/PDIF Header
          The S/PDIF header allows connections to coaxial or optical dongles for digital audio
 Internal Mono Speaker Header
          The internal mono speaker header allows connection to an internal, low-power speaker
          for basic system sound capability. The subsystem is capable of driving a speaker load
          of 8 Ohms at 1 W (rms) or 4 Ohms at 1.5 W (rms).

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