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    Slow ssd


      I got a x25v ssd, It is  incredibly slow, I use it in a Compaq Presario cq60. with ubuntu hope someone has any suggestions

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          Do you have your BIOS set to AHCI mode ?

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            I dont have that option in bios...

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              Go in your device manager and check you controller properties and that should show you what mode you are in . you may already be in AHCI . If you find that this is so you will have to start trouble shooting the drive it self. And you can contact HP to see if they have a BIOS update.

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                Sily question But why ubuntu , and not Windows 7 64bit ?? I just upgraded a older DV9000, HP , Put in a WD 128gig SSD and a fresh copy of W7 64 , Now runs better than it ever did the OEM hard drives were 5400 RPMs , and even though this machine uses SATA 1.5 , Now I getting 138619 reads and136450 writes , before I was getting 41230 reads and 39876 writes , Thats about 3 times faster than the old HD, and the response time is 0.04Ms where the old HD was 18Ms. Performance is all about INOPS   in & outs . You can also check UBUNTU may not support TRIM which is important for a SSD , Did you download the INTEL TOOL BOX and run the clean up??

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                  Device manager  shows "non AHCI mode" so ahci is probably not enabled.

                  I'm using Ubuntu for several reasons, I do not like  Microsoft to their attitude, I'm tired of virus and spyware, Ubuntu is  free, Ubuntu is much faster even with the ssd.

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                    Well if your stuck on that OS than you need to find out does it support TRIM, and does it support Intel's SSD TOOL BOX, If it does than you can optimize your SSD Manuely. you should run the tool box at lease once a week. Than use ATTO to test the SSD ,It's a free download just gogle it.

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                      Microsoft has a Article # 922976 , That tells you how to change fromIDE or RAID , TO AHCI without reinstalling the OS ,Don't know if it's the same with  umbuto . other wise you have to reinstall the OS to change it.