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    DX58SO hanging at bootup.


      I think my computer just starting have a new issue.  I don't remember this happening before, but now when you turn on the computer you see a black screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left hand corner of the screen for maybe 10 seconds before it boots and then it boots normally.  I haven't done anything new to the motherboard or installed anything, etc.  It started to do it right before I tried to install a new OS of Win7 and now I'm having all kinds of problems, installing Win7 and getting video, but I'm thinking there is something wrong with the motherboard now.  Any ideas?  Thanks...

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          Whats your setup? what compoennts?

          at what point exactly do you get the blinking cursor?

          also if you take out the HDD so there is  no os, when you boot does it still get stuck on the blinking cursor bvefore it tells you ther eis no bootable device?

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            I have a DX58SO motherboard.  It just started to have an issue when you turn on the computer you see a black screen and a solid curser in the upper left hand corner of the screen and it hangs there for maybe 10 seconds before it starts posting and booting up. Nothing was changed in the system and it just started doing this.  When you try to boot up Windows you get a blank screen unless you disable the video card. I also tried downloading and installing the latest LAN driver and it says it's corrupt and won't install. It started hanging when you first started turning the computer right before I upgraded the OS from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I was starting to think that the video card wasn't compatible with Windows 7, but the video card manufacturer said it was and they have the Windows 7 drivers. It worked fine with Windows Vista installed, but with the motherboard hanging when you first turn on the computer I'm thinking it's a motherboard issue. It has a i7-920 CPU, Kingston KVR1333D3N9K3/3G Memory, and a Gigabyte GV-R489OC-1GD video card. It has 2 Seagate 1TB Hard Drives ST31000528AS that are mirrored raid and 2 SATA Blu-ray Drives a Plextor PX-B940SA and a Lite-on iHES106. I forget what SATA ports the drives are connected to. I think the two hard drives are connected to the two bottom ones and the two blu-ray drives are connected to the two top ones, but when I looked up the port numbers they were strange numbers and not what I expected, but I can't check now because I can't boot up my OS. Thanks for your help and time.


            OK, I got it to boot up. SATA ports 4 & 5 are empty.  Port 0 has the Plextor Drive, Port 1 has the Lite-On drive and ports 2 and 3 have the hard drives.


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              I see where your going when you say it is a motherboard issue, but not many things form windows would affect the hardware in such a way. try disconnecting all drives HDD and ODD and turn it on see if it gets to post any quicker. If it does then add one drive at a time and see which one makes it do it. If it does not go any wuicker with any off teh drives connected let me know and we will take it from tehre.


              Hi just noticed that oyu have teh other thread as well.

              One thing i would say regarding both issues, th8at may or may not be related is that personally i don't think it is a good idea to upgrade the OS, always better a new installation...

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                Well, I upgraded the OS from Vista to Windows 7, but I did a fresh install.  I deleted the old partitions and created new partitions and formatted the new partitions before I installed it.  So, the hard drives were wiped clean before I installed 7. So, it was a fresh install and I didn't upgrade the Vista that way you are thinking.


                I was wrong and it's not a blinking cursor, but a solid cursor.  What is supposed to happen when you turn on the computer? Is there supposed to be a cursor normally in the upper corner of the screen and how long is it supposed to last there?  If there was one before it only stayed up there a few seconds before or I would have remembered it.  I didn't change anything, so I wonder why it happened.  I installed this new motherboard and cpu about 3 months ago.  It worked fine before with Vista.  I did remove one of the old ODD drives about one month ago and replaced it with the Plextor drive, but I was still using it fine with Vista.  I did notice before I installed Windows 7 that it was hanging when I turned it on, but I thought I was loosing my mind, but I guess I wasn't and there is a motherboard issue I need to figure out.  Does it matter what SATA ports I use for the ODD and Hard Drives?  Maybe that's the issue?  Maybe I should use ports 0 & 1 for the hard drives and ports 4 & 5 for the ODD drives or does it matter?  The motherboard also was detecting the wrong timings for the memory, etc.  So, I changed the settings to what Kingston told me they should be at.  I changed like 5 different settings. There is also 2 different settings in the BIOS for the SATA ports.  There was a second set of SATA ports it was asking you to enable or set to raid, etc.  I don't know what they are for or the exact settings.  I think it had something to do with the external SATA ports and a couple of the internal SATA ports.  I wonder if those settings could be part of the problem.  I just went and disabled them, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. OK, I'll try it in the morning.   Thanks!

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                  You should try using the primary SATA ports, 0 & 1. They should be the Intel ICH10 ports if your X58 is similar to mine. On mine, the last two ports are JMicron ports and are slow as heck.

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                    Fair enough bout the OS, i understaoood that you had done teh upragde thingy


                    In theory the onboard Sata are controlled by the ICH controller (chipset sata controller in BIOS) and the discrete one which is marvell, should in theory control the Esata.

                    So again in theory it should not matter what Sata connectors you have them on.

                    Actually i have just check on a Dx58SO i have here and it does the same thing you get the solid cursor before post. so it would seem it is normal.

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                      Well, I don't think mine has a Jmicron chipset, but there is Marvell and ICH chipset drivers for this motherboard on Intel's website, so it probably just has those two chipsets.  Wouldn't it have Jmicron drivers too if it had that chipset on the motherboard?

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                        Oh, I was wondering why there was a Marvell and a ICH chipset drivers on Intel's website for this motherboard.  I guess you don't need to install the Marvel unless you use the eSata ports? Another issue is my memory speed.  For some reason it says that the Overridden Memory Speed is at 1081Mhz.  Why would that be? Is that a problem?  The memory in there is 1333Mhz memory. Why would it say 1081Mhz?  There is also in the Bios a Chipset-Sata Controller Configuration and a Discrete-Sata Controller Configuration. It says the Discrete-Sata controller will include the 2 Blue Sata ports down on the board if they exist and the 2 eSata ports on the back panel if they exist.  So, it sounds like those are for the Marvel controller.  I know I have the 2 eSata ports, but I don't know if I have the Blue ones on the motherboard. I'll have to check. I guess if there is 2 Blue Sata ports on the motherboard those are Marvel. When yours boots how long does it stay at the cursor?  I know it was only staying there a second before but now it's staying a long time.  I'm curious how long yours stays there.  Thanks!


                        Well, it looks like all the Sata ports on the board are black so they are all ICH I guess and the only Marvel ones are the eSata ports.  I pulled the ODD drives and it still took a long time to boot.  I pulled the hard drives and one of the Sata cables broke.  The piece that has the metal clip on it came off and I can't put it back on.  I guess I forgot to press that metal clip down when I pulled it out.  The Sata ports on this motherboard are really hard to get too.  They are right where the tank is for my radiator coolent for my liquid cooling system. With all the HDs and ODDs drives no longer connected to the motherboard it still takes the same amount of time to boot.  So, I guess it has nothing to do with the drives?  Maybe the memory or the video card.  I guess that's all that's left, except for the motherboard itself.  Thanks!

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                          I tried calling Intel but I was on hold for so long I just hung up. I'm going to install Windows Vista to see if I still have the problem with the video to see if something happened to the motherboard and I'm going have that problem with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and then I know something happened to the motherboard.  Is there a way to do a factory reset on the motherboard to see if that helps with the boot up time? That's the only other thing I can think of.  My network storage server isn't compatible with Windows 7 so now I can't get my data either, so I'm going to have to install Vista so I can get my data anyways, and buy something else that's Win7 compatible.  After I do those things I'll try calling Intel again in the morning.  There is something going on though because unless I'm going crazy it didn't hang before when you first turned on the computer.


                          I tried loading optimal defaults in the bios but it's still hanging.  I wish someone else could tell me if it hangs on theres and how long it does.  Maybe it always did this, but I don't think so.


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                            Well, I just removed power and the cmos battery and then I'm going to turn it on after everything is reset to see if that makes a difference in the delay in boot time.  I don't know what else it could be.  I'll have to call Intel again in the morning to see if they can help me.


                            I'm going to try and see if when I install Vista if my video problem goes away.  I don't know if both problems are seperate issues or part of the same problem.

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                              Well, I cleared the CMOS and it didn't make a difference.  I got one of my old video cards a Asus EAX16000PRO and tried that on the motherboard and that didn't make any difference.  It hangs at the cursor for about 17 seconds with both video cards, so it doesn't seem to be a video card issue.  I'll call Intel in the morning to see if that's normal.  I'm going to install Vista to see if I still have video problems and then I'll install Windows 7 32-bit to see if I have the video problems and then I'll try Windows 7 64-bit again and take it from there.  If Intel says that the 17 seconds is normal then I'lll call Gigabyte to see if they can help me with the video problems in Windows 7 64-bit.  Any ideas?  Thanks...

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                                Ok, to test the cursor i would suggest that you unplug EVERYTHING apart from RAM CPU (FAN), GPU and PSU even all case connection, front panel and fan, would be better even if you could take the system out of the chassis, but as youve got WC it prob wont be that easy so just disconnect EVERYTHING and then turn it on and see how long it satys there. Intel won't say any amount of time is normal with any devices coonected, they will say exactly teh same as me....ummm  i wonder why...!

                                On this board tehre is the ICH and marvel controller no micron ones. and no no blue sata ports "There is also in the Bios a Chipset-Sata Controller Configuration and a Discrete-Sata Controller Configuration. It says the Discrete-Sata" yep the chipset is the ich and the discrete the marvell.

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                                  Well, I think I've pretty much disconnected everything but some fans and the power and reset connectors, usb, etc. I guess I can try disconnecting everything like you said again and see what happens.  I also have memory coolers, etc. but I think all of that is plugged directly into the power supply connector and not the motherboard fan connector. I even switched video cards.  So, I don't know. Maybe it's always been like that and I'm loosing my mind.  I also want to ask Intel about why my memory is showing up as 1081Mhz when it's 1333Mhz memory.  Do you know anything about that?  Also, why is the motherboard not detecting the correct memory timings, etc.  I would also like to find out if it matters what Sata ports you plug in your hard drives and ODD drives.  I've got a liquid cooling system with 2 radiators since I'm cooling both my CPU and 2 hard drives.  So, I have tubing all over the place.  It's a nightmare to install or take out anything on my computer.  LOL  How long does the cursor stay up on your motherboard and what do you have connected to it?  I haven't called Intel yet, but probably in the morning.  I'm trying to work out the problems with my video card and Windows 7 now.  It's driving me crazy.  Right now I'm installing Vista 32-bit and it works with that and I'm going to install Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit to see if the video card works with them. Well, it didn't work with Win7 64-bit before, but maybe I'll get lucky and it will just start working.  Thanks!

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                                    Well, I don't know what happened, but it's not hanging anymore at the cursor for a long period of time.  It only stays there for a few seconds now.  I've done nothing to the computer, it just did it out of the blue for no reason.  What's going on here?  Well, hopefully it self diagnosed itself and fixed itself.  LOL  We'll see what happens, but I don't want to mess with it anymore.  I think I fixed my video problem too and my video drive is working now with Windows 7 64-bit.  I think the problem is that I had the TV plugged into the HDMI port and my monitor plugged into the DVI port with a DVI to HDMI cable.  For some reason with both plugged in I would get no video on my monitor after I installed the driver but when I unplugged the TV the video came back.  So, I have to figure that out.  OK, thanks.  I would still like to know the answers to my questions about the Memory Speed issue and the Sata ports.  ....Steve

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