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    No Video - DX58SO MB, Win7, ATI 4890 Video Card


      I have an Intel DX58SO motherboard that I've had for 3 months and it's worked find with Windows Vista 32-bit and my Gigabyte HD4890 video card GV-R489OC-1GD.




      As soon as I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit I would get no video after I installed the video drivers either from Gigabyte's website, AMD's website or the Windows Update utility.  Microsoft is saying the video card isn't compatible because when we disable the video card the system boots up.  Gigabyte is saying there is a problem with the motherboard PCI-e slot and that the video card is compatible with Windows 7.  So, I'm not sure what's going on, but nobody is being very helpful just blaming each other.  I have the latest bios for the motherboard installed.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  Thank you for your help and time....

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          sorry but i dont really have any suggestions, just an observation, if the system worked with vista 32, then hardwrae wise there cnat be a problem, (actually i do have a suggestion) have you tried a 32 bit version of win 7? or to use the vista drivers?

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            No, I haven't tried either one of those things.  Maybe I'll try it now and see what happens. There are two other strange things that is happening.  I tried to update the LAN drivers and it says they are currupt or something and I can't install them.  Another thing is that now when I turn on the computer it hangs for a long time, maybe 10 seconds when you first turn it on and there is a blinking curser on the upper left corner of the screen and it takes a while to boot up.  I think that's new and it didn't do that before.  I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the motherboard?  Maybe I'll post that in a new message.  Thanks...