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    Someone can help my?

      Hi, I wanna buy an used intel 865 because i want to make a server hosting (im n00b) and i dont have much money.

      The problem is that its broken. Often it resets every 5 minutes or sometimes 2 hours and the onboard sound doesn´t work too. I dont see it but its a nice price and i said WTF im a electronics technician may be i would fix it.


      What it can be the problem ? should i buy it?. You are the experts should know more than me. Sry for my english I speak it terrible in english (I'm argentine)



      Hola, quiero comprar un procesador Intel  865 porque quiero hacer un hosting server (no se mucho) y no tengo mucha plata.
      El problema es que esta roto. A menudo se reinicia cada 5 minutos o 2 horas a veces y el sonido de la placa onboard no funciona. Es un buen precio y como soy tecnico electronico creo que podria arreglarlo.


      La pregunta es cual podria ser el error, me conviene comprarla?


      pienso que debe ser algo del mother, pero si la compro le voy a poner linux haber que pasa, ustedes son  los expertos deben saber mas que yo

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          Most often, delayed resets or shutdowns are caused by heat, overheating actually. But, there are other possible issues as well. Have you been able to determine whether or not it is the software shutting the hardware down or the hardware crashing, shutting the software down? Check your Event Viewer and see if any software issues coincide with the times your system has reset or shutdown. Open your PC case up and see if you have hardware that is really hot. Download CPU-Z and monitor the system temps. Maybe service the CPU by removing the fan or waterblock and verifying that there is enough thermal paste applied. It should just be a very thin coat between the two surfaces. Make sure your memory is properly seated. And lastly, if you've tried everything else, try resetting your BIOS to default.