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    DG35EC No Video Out


      I have made my first attempt at upgrading my computer myself, the board I am using is a DG35EC. I'm 98.3574% sure I have everything where it should be.I have 4GB of DDR memory from my old board I can't use, I will be getting DDR2 tomorrow. Does the Ram need to be inplace to get Video out?  My monitor goes thru it's manufacturers Title Screen then says no video signal, I have tryed two differant LCD monitors to the same result. I also added a Geforce 7300GS- GV-NX73G256D-RH My monitors one has a VGA (15 PIn) the other a DVI-I both react the same, I have tryed with and without the video card the same. Does anyone have the extra 1.6426% of information I am unsure of