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    Need Help Updating BIOS on SE7525GP@ Mother Board


      I have downloaded all of the files.  I have created a boot DVD.  There are no drives conected to the motherboard other than the DVD and CD ROM drives.  But I cannot get the BIOS to boot the motherboard to the DVD drive.  I am perfectly happy to pay for tech support to get this up and operating, but Intel refuses to give me any directions because the board is no longer serviced by them and they do not want to point me to a service that can help.


      Anyone got any thoughts?

      I can be reached via eMail at gaj@portman.com



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          Hi i take it you are trying one of tehse two methods: There are 2 methods to flash BIOS.
          Method  1:
          (1) Copy all of the following files into the same folder in Hard  Drive or bootable USB Disk Key :
          (2) Go to this folder to run  1.bat and update finishes automatically. The update will show seven  progress status as follows:
          Reading file .......... done
          Erasing  flash ......... done
          Writing flash ......... done
          Verifying  flash ....... done
          Erasing BootBlock ..... done
          Writing  BootBlock ..... done
          Verifying BootBlock ... done

          Method 2:
          (1)  Go to BIN folder and execute P09.EXE to make bootable floppy.
          (2)  Use this bootable floppy to boot and update finishes automatically.     

          After  system boots, enter BIOS Setup if you want to change any options.


          Are you sure you have made a bootable dos DVD? have you changed teh BIOS boot order so it boots from teh DVD?

          Try with a bootable DOS usb pen.

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            Sorry -


            Perhaps I did not make myself clear enough.  I downloaded all the files (which included the instruction set you posted) that are needed to proceed with the update.  However, I cannot get the motherboard to boot to either the DVD or the CD Rom Drive.  I can read the posting text as the motherboard boots from the BIOS and I see that the motherboard/BIOS recognizes the Sony DVD and the Panasonic CD, but the script will only lead me to the attempts to connect to the various drives listed in the BIOS, all of which fail.


            I do not understand the fail messages, nor do I know how to change the BIOS correctly to fix this problem.