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    Intel SS4200-E Not connecting to network


      I have had this nas for awhile now and it has working like a charm since i bought it. But last week when i got home and started it, it just wouldnt connect to the network. No biggie is what i thought and left it alone overnight, hoping it would connect sooner or later. Problem is it still wont connect. I have tried:

      Resetting the router,

      Restarting the NAS,

      Resetting the NAS,

      Different network-cables,

      and all i have got is a device named "ßæ" in the routers device list, for awhile. Then it disappears from that list. All leds are blue and it boots up like is usually do, the only thing not working is the network. And the nic-led flashes randomly for a few minutes. Then it kind of gives up on the network and shuts down the nic-led. Note: "ßæ" is not a name i have ever used for the nas when it was working.

      Have anyone had this kind of problem ? Or might have anything else i can try doing, cause im all outta ideas