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    SSD Toolbox v1.3 simply does not work


      I am running Windows 7 Ultimate64bit  for over a year.

      The drive is an SSDA2M160G2GC ATA device

      The Sata controller is an AHCI Controller Intel Version

      Everything was working fine with SSD Toolbox V1.2

      Now when I run the SSD Tool box, it starts up, gives the warning about only 1GB of disc space will be left free.  I say run, it shows the 0 percent for about 5 seconds and then goes away.

      The program leaves about 9 hidden files called --=={Intel_Trim_RAID_0}==--.bin




      I have tried to find a copy of the old v1.2 but I can't.   It would be really helpful if someone could pass it along.


      I have tried, removing restore points, cleaning disc space, changing drivers, stopping the VSS service.

      Does anyone have any clues... this is a tough one.