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    DX58so booting issue


      I'm using the dx58so board with an i7 930 with 8gb of memory. I've ran this system for a few weeks and decided to run the Auto-Tune feature in IDCC. It set the host clock frequency to 170 mhz when it was done. Now if I reboot the system, it just turns on with no video then off and repeats this indefinitely. If I change the jumper to configure the BIOS and return the host clock to 135 mhz, the system will be boot up and be fine, but if I change the host clock again, it fails to boot again. The highest I can set the host clock without failure to boot is at 155 mhz. Is there something I'm not doing right or am I dealing with a defective board?

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          No there is nothing wrong as such, it just dosen't seem to be overclocking but there could be varios reasons for this, memory for one, not enough voltage to teh cpu also, although i doubt that. if you want to overclock, you need to test the system at each frequency. You seem to be hitting a block somewhere, i would suggest you go to an overcloking forum and get someone tehre to help you through it and find teh block