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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager issue

      I recently bought a LaCie E-SATA external hard drive. Now every time the computer is turned on, the Intel matrix Storage Manager stays on screen thirty seconds or more. When new the drive is unplugged it takes less than five seconds. This is on a Dell XPS 420.


      Here's a screenshot:


      Is any way to get rid of this delay? Thanks!

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          The problem that you are experiencing seems to be a problem recognizing the hard drive and this is why it takes a long time.


          The e-SATA hard drive is self powered?

          Is it tuned on a few seconds before you turn on the computer?

          Did you tried to update your motherboard BIOS?

          Have you tried to set a hard drive delay in BIOS? (this option is not on all of the motherboards, you will need to check with your system manufacturer if yours has it)