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    SS4000-E SBS Recovery


      I'm using SS4000-E with            Active Directory  authentication mode, connected to SBS Windows 2003 server. In case of a disaster, I want to backup the SBS system disk, using Shadow Protect from StorageCraft. The backup works fine. My question: when I need to restore from this backup, there will be no SBS server. Is the backup file still accessible without Active Directory ?




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          With the Intel® Client Backup and Recovery software provided with the SS4000, you're able to do a bare metal system recovery. However, this is performed by booting to the SS4000 Recovery CD from the client system. The bootable CD utility provides network drivers and SS4000 access credentials.


          I don't know if Shadow Protect from StorageCraft will provide that capability. You're correct, you'll have no AD. Unfortunately Intel hasn't tested other backup and recovery utilities with the SS4000.


          My suggestion would be to test the backup and recovery plan you have to see if it works before disaster strikes.



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            Thanks you John,

            I will look into the Intel® Client Backup and Recovery software.


            I'm also trying to access the SS4000 through a Linux/Other Mac User (NFS). I wonder if it can give me an access when there is no AD.

            Tests in progress...