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    DPC Latency and Discrete Graphics in tandem with Intel Express Chipset?


      Hello all. Happy Memorial Day weekend. I have an issue with my new Acer Aspire 5738PG notebook that is driving me up a wall. The issue I am having is that the audio is stuttering on my laptop every so often due to excessive DPC latency. (Deferred Procedure Call - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deferred_Procedure_Call). I have tried in vain to solve the problem with the latest driver updates, etc, but it keeps showing up. I have noticed a correlation, however, with the DPC latency spiking among various people with this sort of issue:


      Discrete Graphics option on the notebook computer.


      I've perused the forums online and noticed a trend in audio stuttering/DPC latency issues occuring with new Intel laptops with a discrete graphics card (ATI or Nvidia). And so, I would like to ask the people on this forum, and maybe have Intel also look into the issue. Does your notebook have DPC latency issues, and if so, does your notebook have a discrete graphic option? My notebook has the Intel Mobile Express 4 chipset with the latest drivers, and latest graphics drivers. Thanks.