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    DG45FC CPU fan woes


      The fan of my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP doesn't work when I connect it to my DG45FC motherboard. It spins up a very (very) short while after power on and then stops and the computer doesn't continue booting.


      If I plug in my old CPU fan that came with the CPU, everything works (the motherboard is not broken). If I plug in the CPU fan in another computer, it works (fan not broken). It just seems like the combination of the two doesn't work.


      I tried setting "Automatic Fan Detection" to "Always" in the BIOS, but it didn't help.


      Message was edited by: Martin.E I just tried updating the BIOS to version 0129. Didn't help.

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          The problem might be a compatibility issue with the desktop board and your third party fan. Also remember that using a third party fan or cooling solution will may void the processor warranty and it may damage it.


          I recommend to use the original fan and heatsink that came with your processor