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    Memory Problem after BIOS Update on DP43TF

      The board was running fine with 8 gigs of ram before the update. After flashing the bios the board would hang on post. Spent the morning trying to figure out what was wrong and discovered that the board will only boot with one dimm installed in bank a at position 0. If I add more ram (intel approved or not) the board hangs on post. I tried flashing to an earlier bios version but the problem will not go away now.

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          Have you verified that the BIOS is properly setting your memory settings? By updating the BIOS, the XMP profiles may have changed slightly. So, you may need to set your timings manually. Note, never update your BIOS while your motherboard has overclocks set on it. Use one stick of memory, set your motherboard settings to default, update your BIOS, reset your system (usually F10, Save and Exit), and then check/adjust your new settings for your hardware.