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    What are the normal core temperature's of core i7 920 ?


      System configration :

      CPU - Intel's core i7 920 2.66Ghz;

      Motherboard - Intel DX58SO ;

      RAM - Transcend 2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz ;

      WD 1TB Hard disk + 320 Gb HDD;

      PSU - Cooler Master 600W ;

      Cabinet - Cooler master 330 Elite.

      hi i had purchased core i7 920 2.66GHz a year bk it was working properly bt now... I have my core temp running at 50-60'c

      i came to know that the stock fan is not a good cooling fan so i jus purchased Cooler master's CPU cooler Hyper N620 n installed it correctly using the thermal cooling paste.... i also installed speed fan software to run the fans at full 100% speed but stiil d prob remains d same...... I Seriously Dnt Know Wat 2 Do ? Plz Help me out ! Dis is my first pc (Place - New Delhi)

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          hey buddy not to worry it's normal temp for core i7 920 in new delhi...


          because you know in delhi it's very hot now a day's.!!

          i'm also having core i7 920 more than a year now...and i was also worried about this but

          i discussed with my hardware engineer from where i bought my  i7....he also said me not to



          here's mine core temp...and right now i'm sitting in a AC room still i got above  60'c..


          core temp.PNG


          so just chill and enjoy your  i7....


          and if u don't believe me ...discuss it with the person from where you bought that...

          he'll guide you right way...

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            Help me please dear no cost limit I can purchase easily actually  I want to buy a laptop having processor Intel core i7 mobile processor extreme edition 920xm  !! is it the Best of all processors ?? or is there any one better than it  !! how much GHZ this processor is ?? which laptop manufacturer is best for it ?? can I use windows XP in it ?? shop in london ?

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              Hola soy de german de rosario argentina y compre un microprocesador intel core i7 950, una placa intel dx58so, una tarjeta grafica ati radheon hd 5870, 4 memorias kingston 2 gb ddr3 1333 (8 gb), tengo un gabinete atx con 3 cooler y una fuente coolermaster 1200 wats. El problema que tengo es que yo trabajo con 3d max y uso motor render vray, y cuando quiero hacer un render con un frame de 1280 x 1090 aproximadamente, la temperatura del cpu llega a 30 grados y se apaga la computadora.Quisiera saber cual es el inconveniente, ademas el turbo no logro que encienda, desde ya gracias.