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    problem setting 1360 X 768 resolution in G33/G31 Express Chipset Family


      i have G33/G31 Express chipset family, version, chip type - GMA-3100.

      and i have windows XP 32.

      i have LG W1942 that asks me to set resolution to 1360X768 that does not display in my settings.

      while surfing from intel site i learnt that i need to download and install drivers from link http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-029955.htm

      i did it but it does not help, i still cant set that resolution. (the version was different i guess, but then i dont know where can i get the correct version from!)

      i got my motherboard changed once but its still same. The specification i wrote above are current ones.

      the person from whom i got my pc does not know anything so i am on my own now! please help!


      31.05.10 - hey have i post this in wrong forum or no one's ready to help me!!!!  


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