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    DH55TC does not boot and makes no sounds


      My specs:


      (not new)

      Power: CoolerMaster eXtreme Power RS-380-PCAP - 380 Watt



      Desktop board: DH55TC

      CPU: i3 530

      RAM: 1x 2GB Kingston 133MHz (KVR1333D3N9/2G), in slot A DIMM 0

      Harddisk: 160GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 160GB SATA II 7200 8MB


      Dear reader,


      I bought this stuff recently.Unfotenately nothing works. The only thing it does is move the cpu  fan for one cycle. There are some yellow LEDs visible also, so it has  (at least some) power.


      I double checked the installation manual so I'm pretty sertain all parts are connected in the correct manner. Although I have some doubts on the connection between the power button and the mother board. The chassis used to belong to a Dell Dimension 4600 with a intel chipset 865 desctop board. I am not 100% sertain that all those coloured wires match exactly... I made a picture to clarify things (click for larger image):




      Any help on the subject is welcome. I already search this forum for problems like this. Found no one who did not at least come as far as the BIOS...


      Many many thanks in advance!


      Kind regards,

      Erik van den Hooven

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          Some additional info:


          The power button used to have 2 functions.


          1. power on/soft power off (windows would exit and pc stops it self as it should)
          2. when pressed for 5 secs. a hard power down.


          Maybe it is this functionality which makes the DH55TC think it has to power down when I press the button. It's but an idea, unfortunately I'm not into this electronics type of stuff...


          P.S. Please don't mind the typo's.

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            I made some progress.

            I used a jumper to power te pc (red part of the schema in the upper left corner of image).

            Harddisk starts and power unit starts making noise, also the CPU fan makes a couple of cycles.

            Everything sounds as if the system is going to boot.

            But then... a beep and all parts stop doing what thy should...


            I could not find any info in the documentation, but I might have missed it...

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              Problem solved :-)


              When I put the jumper over the power part, and I quickly take it off again it stays alive!

              It is now waiting for a bootable medium.


              So the connection from the chassis to the desktop board seems to be wrong.


              Thanks for all the help ;-)


              Kind regards,