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    Motherboard making siren-like beep?


      Hi people,

      since yesterday I'm having a problem with my computer,I have an Asus S-presso barebone with pentium 4 3,06Ghz and 2Gb DDR1 3200 Ram, Sapphire 1550 DDR2 512MB graphic card.Suddenly my screen freese and i cant do anything, so I try to restart my computer but It doesn't reacte.After restarting throughout power button proccesor fan is speeding up above normal (sounds like a jet engine)and I got no picture on mu screen, computer wont boot at all.First thought was motherboard, but when I replaced Asus motherboard with Aopen AX4SPE-N  and install all drivers that came with mobo, it worked for some time but without sound and every time i move my cordless mouse I heard a weird sound out of speakers.I tried several times to install Realtec AC97 driver but stil no sound, than after 15 minutes computer freeze again, and again I can't restart it on any other way than power button.After that I tried to restart for three times and every time I heard siren like beep (same as ambulance wheicle).When I took the battery out and put it back 10 minutes later,it worked, I could start my computer again no more beep,I enebled the temparature warrning and changed  to 75C / 158F,but after 15 minutes it freez again.Any idea what is the problem and wat to do? Thanks in advance...