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    DX58SO and Xeon CPU's


      Well, I am disappointed, when I first bought my DX58SO it listed many CPU's that were compatible with this board, amongst them were the W3520 and X5520 but these seem to have been removed from the compatibility list which means that any board warranty where one of these CPU's is involved becomes an issue.


      The W3520 and i7-920 are pretty much the same CPU (one is higher quality) so why was this CPU dropped from the compatibility list?

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          What does this have to do with intel dropping the CPU from the supported list of the DX58SO???

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            Do you have dyslexia or maybe it's time to update your prescription glasses or contact lenses.


            The links you provided show no information regarding support for the W3520 or the X5520.


            Bottom line is this, these 2 CPU's were in the list of supported CPU's for the DX58SO and Intel has removed them along with a few others and offer no explanation and now state that any motherboard warranty is null and void if there is an unsupported CPU installed in the motherboard.


            This has already become an issue and I have first-hand knowledge because I was the person making the call to Intel for my friend who was subsequently refused warranty for this very reason so don't even think that Intel wont refuse to honor the warranty in such a case.

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              RoboticSauce I think it's tIme to take your medication.


              Troll, stop creating drama and bother someone else!!!


              If you hadn't responding with that nonsense I would not have felt obligated to wake you up.


              You were the one who responded to my thread with that unrelated information, updating the BIOS has nothing to do with Intel dropping support for a CPU which was initially listed as supported and then refusing to provide motherboard warranty because of it.


              It worked the day before, powered off, powered on the next day and the board is completely dead, it fails to do anything which is why intel was contacted in the first place and that is the entire story.


              I had someone else get involved who is no where near as nice as I am and it was actually quite comical to listen to the conversation from one side.


              A few foul remarks and some threats made Intel reconsider so my other friend will get his board replaced after all.


              It should not have to come to actions like this when Intel clearly was in the wrong for refusing warranty on the grounds that the W3520 was the installed CPU because at one time it was a listed supported CPU and people like you should refrain from responding unless you actually have something related and useful to contribute or interject.

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                What is your specific malfunction RoboticSauce???


                From what I have realized out of this ordeal is that none of that should have had to occur to get warranty on the motherboard.


                Is this the normal behavior expected from Intel that things must be taken to such an extreme???


                Surely you don't expect me to believe that it is common practice that Intel is using any excuse possible to avoid warranty services?


                Why doesn't anyone form Intel comment on this???

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                  "Why doesn't anyone form Intel comment on this???"

                  My guess coz tehre not much point commenting on children bickkering, although i must say from my point of view it has been a great read!!!:)

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                    It looks more like Intel trying to get off the hook for warranty service by refusing to cover it over an unsupported CPU but if you purchased it a while back and bought a listed supported CPU it should be covered without a struggle even if they have since dropped it from the list of supported CPU's.


                    One could further argue that it is Intel's actions that have nullified your warranty and have offered nothing to restore your warranty so you do have some legal ground to stand on.


                    I'm just glad that these things don't happen to me but if they do I now know who to contact to get results.