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    X25-V is performing better then X25-M drive


      I first bought a x25-v ssd drive and was very impressed with the drive so i went out and bought a x-25 m and i am running HD tune and As SSD benchmark tools and my intel x25-v in HD Tune read test came back with 113.6mb/s min 207.7 mb/s max and average 172.9mb/s average.  On the x25-m i get 160mb/s min 174.9 max and 174.1 avg.  I dont understand why my v drive has better performance then the m drive.  I have updated both with the latest firmware and have used the ssd toolbox and both are installed on windows 7.  One difference is the x25-m drive doesnt have a OS on the drive the x25-V does.  Any suggestions?