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    Recieve-side scaling disabled in team even though they all say they support it?


      Ok so we just rebuilt our file server and we have have


      1X Intel Pro1000 ET Quad Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

      1X Intel Pro1000 PT Quad Gigabit Ethernet Adapter


      I can team all of the nics on the PT card together or I can team all of the nics on the ET card together. But, if I try to team all together I get an error saying:


      One or more adapters in the team do not support true NDIS6.20
      Recieve-Side Scaling. Recieve-Side Scaling will be disabled for the
      team. Disabling Recieve-Side Scaling will negativly impact the
      performance of the team.


      This is under Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 BTW.


      But when I goto the page on the topic on the intel site both cards are lited as supporting this feature.

      So these are my questions.


      Will performace suffer? Will having all 8 nics teamed be slower than just the 4 on the ET card team together?


      Which card is the offender? I would assume that it is the PT, since it does not have Recieve-Side Scaling Queues.


      As for the ET card I have it set to that There are 4 queues. Since I only have have 4 cores in the system and there are only 4 nics one the ET card. This seemed logical no?